About NN

About No Name Hockey

We're a small company that sells mostly direct to our customers. We started in 2016 and sold our sticks online only. Over the years, we've gained some great traction worldwide online, and now have several retailers. Our sticks are used all over North America and now in most countries in Europe and Australia. Now in 2022, we are one of the top custom hockey stick companies in the world.

Our owner, Jason Goulet, is a former professional hockey player turned hockey business entrepreneur. After retiring from pro hockey, he went to the local sporting goods store to find a stick that was similar to what he had used while playing pro. Everything he found wasn't even close to what he was looking for, and it was a $400+ stick.

At NN Hockey we offer quality sticks at a fair price and still being able to offer a pro like unique custom experience to our customers.

The cost of hockey sticks has gone through the roof recently, all because of player sponsorships and licensing fees. You may never see our sticks in the show, but you'll be able to afford them and get the same performance.

Unlike some of the other stick companies, we won't waste your time making up some fancy technical names for some fancy super duper fake features on their sticks. Our sticks are pro stock quality—no question. 

That's why you won't find any other names or made-up technical terms on the stick itself; you'll just find our name and yours.

We make sticks for the no-names and players are currently making their names.

Let's make a name together!!!