No Name Hockey Brand Ambassador

After many requests daily, we are going to launch our ambassador program.

Looking for 50 No Name Hockey Brand Ambassadors, who love to share they’re love for all things No Name Hockey.

To Qualify: Comment below, Share and tag @nonamehockeyco in your pictures and use #stayathomehockeyclub , also you can enter via our website

Once selected you will be required to put @nonamehockeyco in your social media bio, share 4 photos a month and simply just be a good example of what No Name Hockey is all about.

Perks: You will receive a 30% off one-time use code for a No Name Hockey stick for yourself. 

Also you will receive a personalized coupon code for 15% to share with fans, friends and family.

Top 50 Receive : Codes / Hat

Top 25 Receive : Codes / Hat / Shirt

Top 10 Receive : Codes / Hat / Shirt / Jersey

Top 5 Receive : Codes / Hat / Shirt / NN Stick